8 worst foods you eat everyday

As a nutritionist, I’m responding to this inquiry constantly:

What are the most exceedingly awful nourishments we eat each day?

The answer is simple, almost everything! Let me elaborate. A large percentage of food we consume is packaged food, readymade food or food we buy from restaurants. The great thing about these foods is that they are flooded with chemicals that our body can’t process. This is true especially in the case of packaged food such as crisps and biscuits. So, let’s be more specific and make a list of 8 worst foods we consume every day.

1. Sodas and carbonated beverages:

An ordinary can of coke has around 50g of carbohydrates. Where do these carbs come from? The correct answer is sugar. So when you have a can coke, you’re simply consuming around 3 – 4 table spoon of sugar in a jiffy!

2. Diet coke: Surprised?

Diet coke doesn’t have nutritional value but that doesn’t mean it is free from all chemicals. The biggest culprit in the sugar substitute Aspartame used in diet coke. It is a carcinogen (Causes cancer).

3. Alcohol:

We continue our crackdown on liquids! Alcohol is bad for the liver and is also responsible for disturbed sleep cycles. Alcohol sends the liver into overdrive as it is forced to breakdown alcohol into fatty acids. These fatty acids are then accumulated by the liver. Another problem with these drinks is the sugar content. Once again you accumulate empty but significant amount of calories from these drinks.

4. Mayonnaise:

Filled with extra calories, waiting to be slathered into your favorite sandwich and burger. The calories come from fats mostly so better stay away! A good alternative is ‘light mayonnaise’.

5. Processed meat:

It is high in Sodium and nitrite compounds. The nitrites are used as preservatives. Sodium is known to cause high blood pressure and can raise the chances of a stroke. On the other hand, nitrites are known as carcinogens. So, don’t be lazy and make your own meat at home!

6. Smoothies:

They may be colorful, they may look healthy but the fact of the matter is that they are brimmed over by calories. Sugar, cream, condensed milk, more sugar? An average commercially available smoothie may contain up to 600 calories. That is an equivalent of eating almost 3 big plates of boiled rice! Next time, it’ll be better to just say ‘no’ to a smoothie after lunch.

7. Gourmet Ice cream:

The argument is almost the same as in the case of smoothies. These desserts are powerhouses of calories. Gourmet ice cream, specially contains saturated fat and sugar. Not to mention the other gazillion ingredients that are present. Saturated fat is linked with high blood cholesterol while the yummy sugar in the ice cream takes you a step closer to Diabetes and obesity.

8. Frozen French fries:

We all know that potatoes are packed with carbohydrates but when you buy frozen French fries, things really go from bad to worse. Frozen fries contain additional Sodium and a coating of oil. That makes them much more dangerous than what they seem. A good alternative would be to buy fresh potatoes and bake them instead of frying them.

So there you have it; 8 worst foods you proudly consume daily. Go with the healthier alternative or don’t consume them at all.