6-Pack Abs – How to look like a celebrity

We’ve all seen the celebrities with their perfect bodies strutting around on the beach with their six pack abs.

So how do they get such perfect bodies?

First it’s time for a little myth busting.

Myth #1: Celebrities have better genes

Now I want you to stop and think of all the times you were in line at the grocery store and you see the enquirer sitting there with pictures of celebrities in bathing suits on the cover with close ups of their cellulite.

That’s right celebrities don’t look so hot when they are off camera.

Myth #2: If I do enough sit-ups I can have 6 pack abs

Wrong. Doing crunches and sit-ups will not give you those abs. You can do them till you are blue in the face. The reality is, is that 95% of us are probably never going to have six pack abs because we are not part of the genetically blessed.

Now wait I thought this was an article on how to get those six pack abs. It is but first you need to have a reality check and realize that unless you do have the genetics for it you will probably struggle more than it is worth to get six pack abs.

So how do I get 6 pack abs?

It really comes down to genetics, becoming a body builder, or having a good plastic surgeon. If you’ve had 6 pack abs in the past then chances are a few diet changes and exercising will make them pop right out again. Now don’t confuse this with having a flat stomach. Having a flat stomach is much easier then getting 6-pack abs.

For the rest of us it requires an enormous amount of effort to get a 6 pack. Now a flat stomach is an easily attainable goal. Granted everyone’s situation will be a little different but the bottom line is you will have to do some dieting and exercise if you do want a flat stomach. You need to make a goal and stick with it whether it be having 6 pack abs or a flat stomach.

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