A New Angle to Weight Loss

Love rice and yet cannot consume it?

No worries, there is indeed a new way of eating rice and yet managing to lose weight. Surprised? We were too.

However, we rested the case to the pioneers of rice consumption, the Phillipinos and yes; they of course came up the best solutions. In addition, yes, there might be some steps and mechanisms, which will work a lot for Phillipinos only. However, that is no reason to back down and not take some of the best tips, which have been so thoughtfully combined by these people.

And yes, do not forget; genes from Philippines or not, the basic human body is same all over the world and then again, rice and diet on the same line, need we say more?

Consumption of Rice

The experiment and past history results taken into account have put forward that to some extent our systems, rather than the whole wheat or whole grain substances that we usually eat while on a diet can better digest rice.

However, the portion of rice you eat is what makes all the different. The guide very helpfully says that an ideal meal should have half a cup or 1/3 rd of a cup of rice on the plate and the rest should be filled with half a vegetable or a mixture of veggies and of course half of protein, preferably fish or lean meat.

For people who love their veggies can actually add more, add pulses and instead of the non-vegetarian protein, stick to tofu or mushrooms.

Choice of veggies

The guide also asks people to stick to options, which do not make you want to fart. For example, eat stalks of celery and carrots instead of options like cauliflower and cabbage.

Raw veggies are being advised to be cooked. Nothing fancy, just something simple and preferably boiled to go as you are in between snack or your proper meal, along with a portion of rice of course.

One thing that has been strictly advised is that; nobody is allowed to follow a diet while really stressed. The guide and the experiment had clearly stated that stress and the failed diet will not make your body function well and the result would of course be a gain in weight and you might even get sick.

Lemongrass, ginger and turmeric are of course your best friends and it is advised to have lots of food, which makes use of this, and you may as well make some drinks with the same.

Being healthy is Important

It has also been advised to be healthy enough in order for the diet to work. So, make sure that you are neither stressed nor suffering from something in order to lose weight. It is also advised not to skip meals or starve you while trying to lose weight.

The explanation is simple, since the body will function in a survival mechanism mode, the fats present will not be allowed to let go of This automatically means that you will not be able to success with the weight loss.


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