Fat Burning: Tips To Excite Your Fat Burning This Summer

Fat burning – Worked out a lot during the last winter and loosed only little fat? Here I give you few tips to shed your body fat in a quicker way for getting a good and slim beach body. Summer season has a warm temperature and gives a good opportunity to show your concentrated diet and continuous workout.

Necessary steps for fat burning during summer

Hydrating yourself during summer is an important factor in fat burning technique. Take water as soon as you wake up as your metabolism would have slowed down during your sleep.

Beverages are the calories which enter into our diet without our knowledge. So, check them to reduce the level of calories by taking in water (8 to 10 glasses of cold water is a must in summer).

If your body really feels tired, do not avoid the afternoon nap. It helps to reduce the stress level after your hard workout at morning.

Fat burning tip #1: Allow change in food

Make sure that both your breakfast and dinner are more of proteins and less in carbohydrates. This fat burning diet reduces your glycogen and the metabolism is kicked to start burning your fat.

Make sure your glycogen levels are at required level during your workout by consuming beverage such as caffeine, green tea etc. At the same time do not reduce your carbohydrate intake drastically, as it can slow down your metabolism and tones your body into starvation state which does not burn fat.

If you are a non-vegetarian go for BBQ and grill to reduce your fat intake. You can also try mushroom instead of beef for a meaty taste.

Try to have different calorie intake level each day so as to keep my metabolism stay awake. This difference in calorie makes my leptin level rise, which indirectly increases fat burning rate. Take in good fats (polyunsaturated fat) which can be gained from nuts such as almond, avocados, fish, olive oil, egg yolks etc.

Try hoodia gordonii (extract from a plant in South Africa) instead of snacks to make you feel full and reduce your calorie level. Try taking some mint after meal in the form of gums which are sugar free to reduce overeating.

Fat burning tip #2: Allow changes in workout

If you are focusing on burning fat, try avoiding measuring weights regularly. As weight just shows a quantitative measure and if u loose fat and gain equivalent amount of protein, the scale remains same.

Look yourself into mirror and concentrate your workout on the necessary spots. If you are finding your belly to look different, then you need to go for belly fat burning foods.

Also you need to adopt fat burning exercises that are focused on the belly.

Try varying your workout by going into resistance training and this can burn calories and as well as burn our calories even if we are in rest for the next 39 hours.

While working out make sure you go into maximum possible set and then further more. The last few sets are those which really help you in burning your fat.

Please do not avoid fat completely from your diet (and stay away from fat burning supplements too!). It is always advisable to kick start your workout in the morning during summer for better results, as the air you inhale is fresh and you will feel fresh throughout the day. Stay focused and get into breathing exercise and yoga after heavy workout to increase your rate of metabolism.

Not eating the right thing and eating nothing will result in increase of fat as your metabolism slows down. Never starve during fat reduction and give more workouts with different varieties without sticking into just cardio. Follow the above steps to get a toned body this summer.

The next time you search for “fat burning tips” or “fat burning diets” make sure you are flexible to what’s needed. Not everyone’s body is the same when it comes to fat burning and not everyone’s body responds in the same way.

So find what works for you and stick with that! Happy fat burning!

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