Foods That Burn Fat – Boost Your Metabolism

Notwithstanding exercise, people can join food sources that consume fat into their day by day counts calories.

The way to progress is eating these food sources with some restraint and seeing how they can profit the fat consuming cycle.

Some fat burning foods contain less calories than others but require a complex digestive process. This process leads to the use of more energy which in turn will burn fat.

Other foods simply contain ingredients that can boost the body’s metabolism.

List of foods that burn fat


Citrus fruits are excellent choices when searching for foods that can speed up metabolism. Options such as grapes, oranges, apples, tomatoes and berries all provide easy energy which proves beneficial to the body’s metabolism. They also provide Vitamin C, which is a chemical that has been proven to help burn fat fast.

Another benefit of these foods are their easy accessibility. Depending on the season, these fruits are quite easy to find and affordable. Starting the day with a citrus fruit breakfast is a great way to start the fat burning process off on a positive note.

Lean Meats:

Lean meats are also a category that help the body burn fat and lose weight. For instance, chicken is a good fat reducing protein that keeps an individual full for a longer period of time. It is also quite low in fat and calories. Thousands of meal ideas and even snacks can be derived from chicken.

Turkey is also an extremely lean protein that can easily be substituted into recipes which may call for beef. The benefits of turkey almost mimic those of chicken. Incorporating seafood options such as salmon and tuna can also help in the fat burning process. These foods help to lower the levels of leptin and can help the body burn calories at higher rates.


Eggs are a very versatile food which can be prepared in hundreds of ways. Not only are they exceptional sources of protein, they also have an extreme ability to break down fat cells.

When the fat cells are broken down, they can be used as energy within the body. Another plus is when eggs are eaten in moderation, they can improve good cholesterol.


Yogurt lovers will be pleased to know that their non-fat dairy treat is listed among foods that burn fat. This product aids in the fat burning process and allows individuals to stay full. Yogurt is also a great source of calcium for the body.

The key to reaping the benefits of yogurt is to choose a type that is non-fat and contains no added sweeteners. Fat free milk also falls into this category as well.


Beans sometimes possess a bad reputation due to their effects on the digestive system. However, they are extremely high in protein which helps the body build muscle. Muscle cells actually burn calories faster than fat cells.

This results in an extremely quick blast of fat. Some individuals also claim that the fiber found in beans actually helps prevent the body from absorbing fat. Certain beans such as baked or re-fried should be avoided due to their low beneficial value. Healthier options are lima, navy, white and kidney beans.

Additional Fat Burning Foods:

Green Tea
Oats & Whole Grains
Olive Oil
Cabbage (think cabbage soup diet)
Fish Oil
Avoid Salt & Sugar
Cayenne Pepper

The list of foods that burn fat include many other options. You can research these foods in books, online or with the help of a nutritionist. By incorporating these items into your diet, your body can be successful at burning fat and calories.

Moderation and variation are the key concepts to keep in mind when planning snacks or meals around these types of options. With the numerous selections available, any individual can find some choices that fit into their diet and taste preferences.