Foods That Burn Fat – Boost Your Metabolism

Lean Meats:

Lean meats are also a category that help the body burn fat and lose weight. For instance, chicken is a good fat reducing protein that keeps an individual full for a longer period of time. It is also quite low in fat and calories. Thousands of meal ideas and even snacks can be derived from chicken.

Turkey is also an extremely lean protein that can easily be substituted into recipes which may call for beef. The benefits of turkey almost mimic those of chicken. Incorporating seafood options such as salmon and tuna can also help in the fat burning process. These foods help to lower the levels of leptin and can help the body burn calories at higher rates.


Eggs are a very versatile food which can be prepared in hundreds of ways. Not only are they exceptional sources of protein, they also have an extreme ability to break down fat cells.

When the fat cells are broken down, they can be used as energy within the body. Another plus is when eggs are eaten in moderation, they can improve good cholesterol.

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