Foods That Burn Fat – Boost Your Metabolism


Yogurt lovers will be pleased to know that their non-fat dairy treat is listed among foods that burn fat. This product aids in the fat burning process and allows individuals to stay full. Yogurt is also a great source of calcium for the body.

The key to reaping the benefits of yogurt is to choose a type that is non-fat and contains no added sweeteners. Fat free milk also falls into this category as well.


Beans sometimes possess a bad reputation due to their effects on the digestive system. However, they are extremely high in protein which helps the body build muscle. Muscle cells actually burn calories faster than fat cells.

This results in an extremely quick blast of fat. Some individuals also claim that the fiber found in beans actually helps prevent the body from absorbing fat. Certain beans such as baked or re-fried should be avoided due to their low beneficial value. Healthier options are lima, navy, white and kidney beans.

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