How to Lose Weight by Fasting?

How to lose weight by fasting ?

How to lose weight by fasting is a quest many people wanting to lose extra pounds and inches embark on. Some people use fasting to jump start their new diet or for quick weight loss.

Normally fasting is performed by avoiding all forms of food. There are other types of fasting that include only avoiding certain foods. This is the best type of fasting by far. It allows you to exclude the unhealthy foods that cause you to be fat.

To find the right type of fasting to fit your weight loss needs requires learning about the different types of fasting out there. Educate yourself about food fasting that entirely avoids all food, fasting with certain foods, and fasting with certain liquids.

Learn the risks involved with the different fasting methods. Some forms of fasting should not be done by people with certain health issues, so always seek a doctor’s advice before doing any fasting of any type.

Some of the ways to research fasting include searching the internet for articles and information on fasting. There are many sites dedicated to the topic by professionals who offer good advice and information to help you make the correct decision. The information will include the different types of fasting and the time periods each type of fasting should be used for the best results.

To begin any type of fasting, it is highly advisable to try the fasting technique for a short period of time to see how it affects your body. Some people get sick while others do not have any negative effects. Take the time to find out how your body responds to fasting by trying it for about three days before committing to any longer fasting periods.

Consider cleansing the colon before beginning a fast. This will help to avoid any gastric discomfort experienced with the fasting. It also helps to remove any wastes lodged in the colon producing and promoting weight gain.

Plan the right time for your fasting period. Starting a fast during the holidays is not a good idea since you will not likely be able to stick to your routine and will feel like you have failed in the process. Make the right time for the fasting to achieve the best results.

Drink about 8 glasses of water a day during a fasting period. This will help flush out wasteful toxics in the body and promote better health. Avoid drinking tap water since it contains additives, which can make you sick during the fasting period. Instead, drink bottled water that is distilled or purified.

Take a break between the times you are fasting. This is something the body needs in order to remain healthy. Fasting too often can cause severe health issues. There are basic nutrients that your body requires to maintain itself which will be removed during a fasting period.

When resuming your normal diet, do not over eat. Start off with a limited quantity of food. The stomach has shrunk due to the lack of food and cannot handle too much food in the beginning. Allow the stomach time to readjust in size and also to the fact that you are reintroducing foods that might otherwise cause you gastric discomfort. Think about the times when you ate really healthy then you went and had fast food. It can really throw your digestive system into a tailspin.

If you’re looking for a good place to start I would recommend eat stop eat.

Just remember that fasting for weight loss should only be done on an intermittent basis. It’s anything but a solid long haul technique.

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