How to Stop Eating Foods That Make You Fat

Stop eating foods that make you fat!

But HOW?

Now, this is a very common question which people commonly ask without trying. First of all, for changing your eating habits, you need to understand the importance of the change itself.

Healthy eating and active lifestyle not only contribute to great looks and a well-toned body. Such changes can actually improve your life expectancy, your quality of life and most importantly, it can give you peace of mind.

There is no doubt that food addiction and drug addiction are almost similar and their treatment isn’t different also. The first healthy thing to do is to actually admit that you are hooked onto some foods that is detrimental to your health after which you need to figure out which kind of food do you really need to get rid off.

You should know which foods cause craving. So a good start would be to make a list of all the unhealthy foods you consume throughout the day.

Following few points are vitally important:

  1. Exercise is very important especially when you are losing weight. Not only for your body shape but for your good metabolism and overall health, you need daily exercise. It burns extra calories and works up a good appetite. The least you can do is walk around 30 minutes daily.
  2. Never skip breakfast and go for a protein rich morning fedfast! Proteins help in losing weight and keep your blood pressure normal while making you feel fuller, for longer.
  3. Try to sleep properly and at least sleep eight hours a night. Good sleep is essential for your mental health and other daily bodily functions.
  4. Omega-3 and nutrient D improvement is vital as both of these are related with sicknesses like weight, discouragement, strain, and weakness which are the regular issues now days. Omega-3 and nutrient D are likewise useful for your development chemicals
  5. Take some regular enhancements like Glutamine, 5-HTP and amino acids. They help in diminishing desiring for food. There are a few spices too for decreasing your pressure like Rhodiola. Chromium is useful for adjusting your blood and sugar level.
  6. Attempt to be idealistic more often than not. State of mind regulation and control is similarly significant in controlling your craving. Attempt to conquer your feelings before they beat you.

“Eat to live not live to eat”. Make sure, you eat only when you need to. Take a start with some very small steps. Do not go for big leaps as they will only lead you to inconsistent eating pattern and resulting in possible failure.

If you like sugar rich food then cut off sugar intake as much as you can. Avoid taking sugar in your daily cup of tea or in any drink. Make small cuts in your diet like: Letting go of that maple syrup on your pan cakes and using honey instead or going for a low fat yogurt or going for roasted chicken rather than deep fried chicken. These changes may not look much but they can cut down your caloric intake by 15 – 20%.

The great thing about making changes is that we have a lot of food alternatives available. Stay away from foods that are processed, deep fried, excessively sweet, rich in sauces, made from white bread and try to consume foods whose ingredients who can make out by just looking at them.

This will ensure that you don’t consume large amount of hidden calories that usually come from Trans fat. Keep this advice with you and you will automatically stop eating foods that make you fat.

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