‘Natural’ is in and Processed Foods Are Out!

Food processing in the form of salt preservation, freezing by burying in snow, dates back to early ages. Tins and Cans started being used widely to supply food to sailors and soldiers. It has made available fast meals for people who are always on the go and have no time to spend time preparing meals. We can’t imagine life without packaged food. However, if you carefully read through the ingredients you’ll come across many names that u won’t be able to pronounce and yet many names are not even revealed by the company apart from preservatives, flavors and edible color.

Processed foods make you fat

Customers pick foods based on taste, mostly. Food companies improve it by using taste – flavor-enhancing MSG (Monosodium Glutamate). MSG has been a buzzword since it was taken out of baby foods in the late 1960s .Exposing babies to MSG early in life means they’ll prefer sweet foods, foods with sugar in it, carbohydrate foods, and they stay away from the foods that are healthier in their later life. MSG produces visceral fat that can cause heart attack and stroke. Many foods at Pizza Hut and McDonald’s have it. Research tells us that it could be a big part of what’s making us so fat.

Processed foods like potato chips, cookies, yogurt and white bread are rich in sugars. Three major hormones insulin, lepton and cholecystokinin are not released when we eat food high in sugar regularly. It is addictive and the brain does not sense ‘Stop eating’ message. So, processed foods make people feel compelled to eat endlessly, which is the main cause of obesity. Most overweight people are excessive eaters or binge eaters. I won’t beat about the bush talking about processed food causing diabetes, liver damage, migraine headaches and chronic fatigue syndrome as it would be out of context. Many of the health problems we face today are due to consumption of processed food.

Lose weight or continue having processed food

It is easy to understand that as long as you continue blindly trusting the packaged food there are no chances to lose weight no matter how hard you try. If you want to lose weight and be healthy say no to processed food. Non processed foods are easy to recognize and buy at much lower cost. They are whole foods totally unprocessed without an ingredient list. Tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, bean sprouts, apples, chicken, steak, pork chops, and the like are all examples of non processed foods. A little bit of processed food or restaurant food will undo your weight loss efforts.

‘Natural’ is in and ‘processed foods’ are out!

Most diet plans such as Atkins, Sugars Buster and The step diet ask you to eat raw vegetables, nuts and fruits. They highly recommend the use of Natural Unprocessed food over processed food. Raw fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber that creates a fullness effect in the body which making you eat less.

Asian people are much healthier than most Westerners as they eat food prepared at home using natural ingredients instead of MSG and other chemical used to enhance flavor and shelf life.

Do yourself a favor!

The more fresh ingredients you can include into your meals, the less likely you are to become obese. You can try making your own salad dressings, sauces, toppings and gravies. In order to lose weight, avoid processed food at all times. Consumption of natural, unprocessed food boosts the results of your weight loss efforts and helps you lead a healthy life. Make sure that ‘Natural’ is in and ‘Processed food is out.

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