What Would Happen If We Stopped Eating Salt and Sugar ?

life has become fade and boring at a sugar cube and a pinch of salt hmm so much better right or not scholars argue that salt is dangerous and sugar should be outlawed you grow old faster more often you get sick overeat and it’s not clear how you manage to survive at all say – sugar No and in general stop talking to the products scientists are calling us okay but what if you exclude sugar and salt from the ration so we refuse sugar in all its forms

what will happen with body ?

bones and teeth have become better because for the assimilation of sugar the body uses calcium and takes it not from food but from inner supply but what to do with them without sugar carbohydrates disappeared and there was absolutely no energy left forget about iron phosphorus and sodium all of them remained in cane sugar there’s nothing else to stimulate the production of the hormone of happiness which means sadness melancholy and David Bowie near new friends sugar activates blood circulation in the brain and spinal cord and in the case of complete rejection of sugar can occur sclerotic changes soon problems with the liver spleen and blood vessels will start because sugar made their work and protect them from blood clots and sugar all this time protects you from
arthritis to avoid this nutritionists say that you can afford 60 grams of sugar per day

and what about the salts ?

you won’t be surprised but here the situation is even more serious aversion to food dizziness nausea loss of consciousness dehydration
digestive disorders thickening of the blood dry skin and bad mood like a bonus all this is the tip of the iceberg steep refused of salt reduces libido promotes obesity and increases the risk of diabetes in sufficiently powerful facts

then how about that ?

absence of iodine fluoride sodium and chlorine leads to disorders of nervous functions thyroid diseases loss of control over muscles and even a heart diseases after all when the salt is deficient cholesterol levels increase perhaps the most dangerous side effect of salt free diets can be cerebral edema this happens because of thinning and rupture of blood vessels

what are the frames ?

decide for yourself we can say only that a weight of 70 kilograms 210 grams of salt will lead to a lethal outcome so keep this faceted glass away from yourself eating or not eating sweet and salty we do not know but we are sure that life should bring joy.