Why sports and fitness are important in a student’s life ?

well you’re a student then your parents your teachers everybody keeps saying studying or study harder and that is true it’s very important but now I’m going to talk about why sports and fitness are also extremely important now there are at least three reasons why these things really matter

What are the reasons that make physical fitness and sports so important ?

Reason number one :

today the biggest problem for any student or child is stress there are just an excessive number of requests on your time as well much of pressure schoolwork homework there are competitions all these things make it very hard now the best and the biggest stress buster is physical activity if you go out and play for an hour suppose you do you play football or cricket or something involving intense physical activity

What does that do in the measure the blood ?

stream in the body goes up you sweat when you go out right this change of scenery in the room you’re sitting in and the same thing going on for a couple of hours when you go out it’s a different thing right so your mind feels fresh and that will bring down the stress levels dramatically so that’s reason number one

Reason number two :

number two is that even from the point of view of exam performance right for you to learn effectively your brain has to has to work well it has to work you must have the option to concentrate truly well and when you are doing some physical activity what happens

What happens when you do some physical activity ?

you are again blood flow in the body is better you feel hungry you you sleep well and you generally feel happy and cheerful and that will make your learning much more effective and focused if you spend five hours the five hours when you are too physically active
will be lot more effective than if you just said entering

Reason number three :

education and learning is not only for tests it is anything but a test preparation as a student you are preparing for like let me give my individual model so I used to be an IPS officer so when we were under training at National Police Academy we used to have a sports period every day and because I was not very very much into sports as a student it was kind of a little difficult because I was not excellent at it so it required some investment to catch up now if I had been lot more dynamic in games it would have been simple
I would have appreciated it somewhat more right so think of sports as stress-buster as a tool for effective learning but also as a preparation and something that you’re learning for life it’s an expertise and for every one of these reasons do not ignore sports and outdoor activity .